Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sweat of the brow

I hold my breath when I'm bending and installing the eyebrow frames in the head. I bend the "hooks" for the springs first. That's not too tough. After inserting the rods into the head, I have to bend the rods again on the head exterior. That's the tricky part. If I bend the eyebrow frame too close to the tube opening, the eyebrow won't move up and down in the tube. I tape a popsicle stick to the forehead next to the tube opening and bend the eyebrow over the stick. That seems to provide enough clearance for the eyebrow to move freely in the tube. I do it this way because I don't solder.

Inside the head, I attach the spring to the "hooks". The next step will be to install a spool above the hooks so a cord will lift the eyebrows.

I typically sculpt Magic Sculpt over the frames to create the actual eyebrows. Sometimes I make the Magic Sculpt as flat as possible so I can attach furry fabric to make bushy eyebrows. I'm undecided which way I'll go with this old grump.

As you can see from the interior photo, I've also synched the eyes and installed eyehooks to attach cords. I'll install eyehooks on each side of the head to thread the cord.

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