Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Count 'em...1-2-3 triggers

I've done away with my chrome-ring-on-the-end-of-a-cord (catchy, huh?) as the crossed eye control (see photo on the far right). I've switched to a third trigger strategically placed above the jaw trigger on the right side of the photo. All three function without interfering with or moving the others. Much nicer without the free-swinging ring.

And as you can see on my Uncle Earl figure (soon to be looking for a home... hint, hint), his eyes cross beautifully with my new trigger.

I've slowed down on my dummy-makin' recently due to a distraction with guitar playin', singin', and recordin' a new tune. Doesn't pay a dime, so hopefully I will lose interest and get back to work.

Thanks for checking up on me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The A-List

I've listed my newest little fella on the Marketplace page on Ventriloquist Central. When you get a chance, take a peek. Steve Hurst and Dan Willinger have a lot of great looking figures listed there all looking for homes. And of course, my pint-sized pal is for sale, too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I just completed another friend of the family. He's an Elmore Dufner character and he's anxious to find a home. He's for sale!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The butler did it

My friend MontanaDan has sculpted a unique and comical figure. Braylu Creations is now selling casts of Dan's head (the figure's head, that is... not Dan's) so folks like you can build your own dummy. The completed figure is dressed in a tux and he makes a wonderful "Butler" character. But he would also make a number of other kinds of characters come to life. The jaw is a separate piece, so it makes it much easier than cutting out and building a jaw from the casting.

The head castings are being sold on Ebay and on the Braylu Creations website.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I came, I saw, I... OUCH!

I made my first attempt at making brackets to mount the blinkers, and all I have to show is a Band-Aid on my thumb. I was sawing the flat brass with a jig saw when the saw suddenly made it all the way through, which thrust my thumb forward onto the jagged edge of the brass in my vise.

(Kids, cover your ears). F&%K!

Once again I've shed blood for the cause.

My first mistake? Using flat brass that's too thick. So I went to the hardware store today and purchased some very thin flat brass. Thick enough to make a good bracket, thin enough to bend and saw more easily (and precisely, I hope). Notice I said my first mistake. I anticipate a few more if this is any indication.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Made me blink

So far, I've managed to avoid making blinkers and/or winkers. But a client has made a request, I've agreed to make them, and he's paid his money. Now I'm committed (or should be committed).

I've studied the Fred Project, Mike Brose's chapter on blinkers, and studied the instructions that came with the styrene eyelids Buzz James sent me a year or so ago. I'm experimenting with materials, spring location possibilities, and ways to make blinkers without sacrificing the crossed eyes animation (now, that's a real conundrum).

As I have done in the past, I will likely share photos and explanations and probably whine a lot as I progress (or don't). Please bear with me.