Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ignore some of this video

A reader asked about the mechanism I built for Otis' self-centering eyes. So I'm reposting this video I made five years ago. Otis has eyes made of 1.5" wood ball knobs, but I embed plastic irises instead of the printed irises referred to in the video. The spring mechanism, however, is the method I still use to make the eyes self-center. This method was learned from Mike Brose's wonderful book, "Figure Making Can Be Fun". I no longer embed a rod-and-tube in a wood control stick. I now use PVC pipe with a rocker controller mounted on the pipe.  The cords are attached to the eyes' synchro bar with the cords running down the hollow PVC pipe and attaching to the mounted rocker.

Finally, now that I'm retired from my "real" job, I do accept orders for figures and have for a few years now. So ignore my comments about not accepting orders. Please... place orders! :-) 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Pick a hick


Otis The Moonshiner now comes in two sizes...34" and 42". This fellow is 42" tall. He'll look out for the Sheriff with his side-to-side eyes. His eyes will cross when he's swallowed too much White Lightenin'. And he'll wiggle his eyebrows when he sees a good-lookin' gal at the barn dance. He'll be wantin' a partner soon, so gimme a shout if you'd like him to be part of your act.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Slow down

"Vent Into The Mic" has slowed down for a couple of reasons. First, I've shared pretty much all I know and/or have discovered about vent figure building. Not that I won't have something new to tell you in the future, but the well is dry for now. Secondly, I've become more involved with my local music-making community. I'm playing music, practicing and recording every day. So that's cutting into my time.

I'm still actively sculpting and building vent figures, and I will continue to do so. But my blog contributions will continue to be sparse. I appreciate that you've read and even commented on my posts. If you ask a question, I will answer it. Also, there's a "search" tool in the upper-left corner of my blog in case you'd like to check out any previous posts that might be helpful. (I use that function on the late Clinton Detweiler's blog quite often). 

"Vent Into The Mic" isn't going away, but I can't keep up with daily posts. I prefer to be relevant rather than mindlessly prolific. Thanks for understanding.