Friday, January 31, 2020

Just Jawin'

Got two projects goin' at once... and I think I could take on a third. Seems I'm always waiting for something to dry. So then it's back to watching too much TV. Of course, the moment I take on a third project I'll start to whine about how busy I am.

But getting to the point, the new chunk of foam I had intended for the sculpture in the upper left did not work out. I'd planned to carve a new foam jaw armature to replace the raunched-up one I'd cut away from the sculpture. Without the gory details, I went back to the raunched-up one. I couldn't possibly tell you why except to say I understood it when I placed the jaw back in the face. Oh, and here's a tip... don't buy the green foam. Buy only the white foam. The green foam has this weird sandy texture.

The first layer of paper clay has been applied to the top of the jaw. I'll surround all sides, then dig the foam out of the back to make the jaw as hollow as possible. Only then will sculpt the teeth, tongue and lower lip.

Meanwhile, Mr. Winkle moves ahead, no pun intended. The jaw I showed off in yesterday's video has been mounted. I used the "nubs" I make for that purpose. What's a "nub"? Here's the link: NUBS. The jaw swung free after a Dremel shaving at the base of the jaw opening. But I noticed some gaps that needed to be closed along the bottom and right side. I applied paper clay for the job.

I guess I'll watch some TV.

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