Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's time

I need to admit to myself and others that the time has come to end this blog. I'm not really contributing to it and readership is declining appropriately.

I started the blog in 2006 to post news about my dummy-building adventures. You'll find nine years of proud moments, disasters and discoveries in the postings. I plan to leave the blog in place in case anyone needs to or wants to search for information. Just use the "Search" window in the upper left.

I appreciate the time you've spent reading and commenting over the years. I feel I've received more than I've given as I've posted to this journal. I will continue to design, build and sell ventriloquist figures. You'll probably see and hear about it from postings on the several Facebook vent groups, including the Kenny Croes Dummy Store Facebook site.

Again my thanks for making Vent Into The Mic relevant and fun. - All the best, Kenny


  1. P. Grecian10:30 AM

    I've followed your blog religiously, Kenny. I admit that, as you stopped posting daily, I stopped looking daily...but I looked every two or three days, and was always happy to find something new.
    I guess if you're busy building figures, that's a good thing...but don't give up on this blog. Don't stop posting. Post as you like. I assure you that I and others will continue to watch and wait and greet each new post gleefully.

  2. I've followed also. Your blog is great.
    Commenting so youcan see it is read an appreciated. I Will search for your page on FB

  3. We ALL will miss your blog. Any advise for a first time attendee this Summer? We ALL are honored to be performing at the 2015 international ventriloquist ConVENTion in Cincinnati on July 16th. Jerry and Doug the Talking Dog will attempt to sing our original THE JESSICA BLUES as they did recently on live TV:

  4. Kenny, that bribe still goes if you will keep your Blog going.

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