Monday, March 02, 2020

Upside down

Securing a headstick in my figures has always been a source of anxiety. As a result, I tend to overdue the Magic Sculpt.

This time a got a tip from Buzz at Braylu on how to install a headstick. He suggested drilling four 1/4" holes in the top of the PVC opposite of each other. Measure the inside of the figure's neck with calipers. Then cut 1/4" dowels to the lengths and plug them into the holes. I also added a small eyehook to attach a jaw spring down the line.

I wrapped Magic Sculpt around the dowels and inserted the PVC pipe from inside the head. I lowered it until the dowels lodged in the neck, After that, I used a probe to mash the Magic Sculpt against the neck walls.

Final step was to loop some Magic Sculpt around the exterior of the PVC. Now the cheeky boy is standing on his head until tomorrow.

The last thing to show-and-tell today is the first step to making a cheeky jaw. I cut away the chin from the head casting. Buzz (Braylu) sent along a B-stock jaw from an earlier character to use as an armature. I reduced the size of that armature and made the first side of the jaw with paper clay. I tried attaching styrene plastic sides, but I couldn't get any of the glues to attach. Finally, I decided to go with paper clay, especially given the fact I'll probably cover the chin with paper clay, too.

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