Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Three's a crowd, five's a jailbreak

Obviously I haven't paid enough attention to my blog the last few months. And I still might not. But here's an update in case anyone is still interested.

I purchased three Charlie McCarthy heads on Ebay and finished the two conversion figures you see above. I also got an order for my Norbert character, so I shipped him to his new home last week.

In between all this I restored an old Jerry Mahoney doll. It was originally upgraded by Kevin Detweiler. I really admired the workmanship on his conversion.  I even learned a new tip after cracking open the head and seeing his mechanics. I repainted the little fellow, replaced his soft eyebrows with sculpted hard eyebrows and gave him a red curly fleece wig.

What about the fifth project? I repaired cracks in the head of an old Lovik figure (not pictured). So yes, I've been busy and I remain so with six more projects on the work bench.

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  1. P. Grecian8:26 AM

    Good to see you back, Kenny. We'll keep coming to look until the next time. :-)